#MYTHEOLive:  Strategies for Financial Success in 2024

As we step into 2024, MYTHEO is proud to share the key triumphs of 2023 and the guiding principles for financial success.

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Are Bear Markets Great Buying Opportunities? #MYTHEOLive

Most markets have been in a downtrend in 2022, with the S&P 500 entering a bear market in June and continuing to fall as much as 25% this year.

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3 Key Takeaways: How US Elections Impact Stocks? #MYTHEOLive

The Democratic Party has held the majority in both chambers of Congress for the past two years, which has been helpful for President Joe Biden.

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#MYTHEOLive: How Much The iPhone 14 Really Costs

Whether it's the latest iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel, how much do these pricey purchases really cost you?

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#MYTHEOLive: August 2022 Performance Review - Relief Rally Ends

Just as it seemed that the worst of the bear market was over, stocks reversed course to erase the 5.2% surge in early August and declined further to end the month down 4.2%.

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#MYTHEOLive: Should Investors Fear a Recession?

Investors have suffered one of the worst starts to a year since 1970, driven by double-digits decline in global equities and bonds on the back of surging inflation.

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#MYTHEOLive: Spreading One’s Bets

Remember the time when you used to play hide and seek as a kid? The best strategy was...

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#MYTHEOLive: June 2022 Performance Review with MYTHEO CIO

Markets have faced a laundry list of concerns this year, including new COVID-19 lockdowns, economic slowdown.

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#MYTHEOLive: Market Volatility: Can Robo-Advisor help?

The Markets are historically cyclical, and 2022 has proven to be the worst combined start for the financial market since the 1930s.

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#MYTHEOLive: May 2022 Performance Review with MYTHEO CIO

May has been an eventful month with global equity rebounding strongly from a steep rout that drove the market down for seven straight weeks.

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#MYTHEOLive: Discretionary Portfolio Management: What Investors Need to Know

Discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management are two portfolio management styles.

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[Webinar] #MYTHEOLive: April 2022 Performance Review with MYTHEO CIO

While April is usually a positive month for equities from a seasonality perspective, 2022 is proving to be different.

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[Webinar] #MYTHEOLive: Monthly Performance Review with MYTHEO CIO

It has been a very volatile past month for global financial markets. Concerns about the Russia-Ukraine conflict weighed on equities and government bond yields as energy prices rose.

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#MYTHEOLive: Russia’s wake-up call – Why investors are rethinking ESG funds?

Russian assets have long traded at discounts because of environmental and governance concerns, and the recent Russian market collapse...

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[Webinar] The Russia-Ukraine War: Could This Be A Great Buying Opportunity?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week introduced new uncertainty to a stock market that’s already had a shaky start to the year.

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[Webinar] Higher Inflation: Where to Put Your Money?

If everything feels more expensive than it did 10 years ago, it’s because everything really is more expensive than it was then, as we witness price increase beyond our control.

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