MYTHEO Omakase

In Japan, dining “Omakase” style means “I will leave it up to you”, and restaurant guests will entrust the Chef to craft their meals for them. MYTHEO applies this Omakase concept to its investment approach. You have the option to entrust MYTHEO to tailor each portfolio to your specific needs, or to customise your portfolio to suit your personal preferences.  In essence, you have the freedom to invest in a way that best suits you.

The Investment Strategy


MYTHEO’s portfolio has been rigorously back-tested and proven. In a simulation of MYTHEO’s portfolio performance during the 2007 Financial Crisis, the recovery outweighs the downturn, leading to positive performances in the long run.

The Long Run

Both life and investing are full of ups and downs. Nevertheless, do not allow the fluctuations to bother you as good times often outshine rough patches. Know that long-term investments tend to smoothen out short-term volatilities!

Globally Diverse

Assets in the same market often have similar risk profiles. MYTHEO reduces risk by diversifying investments in global asset classes. Through our wide range of ETFs, you will be investing in thousands of companies worldwide, both in developed and emerging markets. 

Our strategy is to allocate investments in a wide range of asset classes, from stocks & bonds to commodities & real estate.

Logical Investing That Makes Cents

Not risking your hard-earned money by putting all of your eggs into one basket, the algorithm allocates your investments into three (3) Functional Portfolios, each with its own purpose and targeted benefit.


Diversified equity ETFs tend to give higher yield returns. Suitable for investors with an appetite for high financial risk and longer investment periods. 


Generate income streams through investments that offer dividends and/or interest payments. Tends to give lower returns, but it is fundamentally more stable and suitable for risk-averse investors.

Inflation Hedge

Invest in resilient assets that give good results despite a decrease in the purchasing power of any currency, such as gold or property. This also reduces risk should the market experience inflation.

Auto Rebalancing Makes Up For Market Movements

MYTHEO checks and rebalances your portfolio automatically. This will give you the peace of mind to sleep well at night, knowing that despite market prices fluctuating day to day, your investment is performing as it should be.

Reallocates Your Assets Periodically

Regular and consistent review of the investment assets in your Functional Portfolios will optimise your returns.

Maintains Your Portfolios All The Time

Key to delivering good investment performance over the long term, MYTHEO’s fully automated portfolio maintenance capabilities deliver the following benefits:


MYTHEO’s experts are continuously improving the algorithms to optimally manage your assets with the latest investment techniques.


MYTHEO makes rational investment decisions without the risk of human bias as rash investment decisions often lead to disappointing results.


MYTHEO maintains your portfolio so that you can relax and focus on the other important things in life.

Invest With Assurance

We go the distance to ensure your investments are in safe hands.

Keeping It Safe

By storing all your data and MYTHEO’s IT infrastructure in a Tier 3 verified Data-Center, we protect your data and reduce all forms of service disruption to a minimum.


Your money and assets will be held by our custodian – The Malaysian Trustees Berhad, which is a subsidiary of RHB Bank Berhad and licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Overseas Brokerage

Our custodian will transfer funds to our overseas broker, who will then hold the ETFs on your behalf. Interactive Brokers LLC (IB) operates the largest electronic trading platform in America, serving over 600,000 client brokerage accounts and USD120 billion in customer equity. IB is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the New York Stock Exchange, and various other self-regulatory organizations.

Price Structure

At MYTHEO, what you see is what you pay. No trading fee, no exchange fee, no redemption fee, no surprise charges, and that’s a promise.

Investment Amount (USD)

First $7,500
Next $7,500 - $25,000
Next $25,000 - $75,000
Next $75,000 - $125,000
Next $125,000 - $250,000
Over $250,000

Indicative Investment (MYR)*

First RM30,000
Next RM30,000 - RM100,000
Next RM100,000 - RM300,000
Next RM300,000 - RM500,000
Next RM500,000 - RM1,000,000
Over RM1,000,000

Tiered Rate (Per Annum)

1 %
0.9 %
0.8 %
0.7 %
0.6 %
0.5 %

*Based on Indicative USD Exchange rate at 4.00


and start your digital investment journey with MYTHEO!