Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about MYTHEO, investing and personal finance.
General Questions
What is a Digital Investment Service?
What is MYTHEO? How does it work?
Who is behind MYTHEO?
Why choose MYTHEO?
Is MYTHEO already operating in other countries?
What and how much are the applicable fees?
How does MYTHEO compare to other Digital Investment Services?
How does MYTHEO keep investors’ money safe?
Who is Malaysian Trustee Berhad?
I am not a Malaysian/Permanent Resident of Malaysia; can I still open an account?
Is there a minimum amount I need to invest?
Is there a minimum age to open an account?
Can I open an account if I am a US citizen?
Can I open a joint account?
Can I open multiple portfolio account?
Can I set up a joint account with my partner/spouse?
I am Malaysian but currently living overseas. Can I invest in MYTHEO?
Is it expensive to sign up for a MYTHEO account?
How do I close my account?
What is the maximum limit of investment with MYTHEO?
Is MYTHEO regulated by any authorities in Malaysia?
How can MYTHEO charge lower fees than other banks and financial advisors?
Why does MYTHEO convert my money into USD?
Why does MYTHEO invest in ETFs?
Are the portfolios invested by MYTHEO Shariah complaint?
Getting Started
How long will it take me to set up my account?
What do I need to provide when opening an account?
How can I get help when I need it?
How does MYTHEO determine my profile / portfolio?
Why do I need to answer a questionnaire and how important is it to answer the questionnaire?
How does MYTHEO verify my identity?
Why do you need to collect my personal information?
How long will it take me to set up my account?
How can I change my profile?
Operation of MYTHEO
What is an ETF?
Why does MYTHEO invest in ETFs?
In what type of ETFs do you invest?
Why do you invest in USD-denominated ETFs?
Can I receive dividends on ETFs?
Who is the legal owner of the ETFs in my portfolio?
Is there any risk in investing in ETFs?
Is there a benchmark that serves as an indicator of investment performance?
Can I change my investment profile later? And how?
Why do I need to link my Bank accounts?
Deposit and Withdrawal
Can I deposit from a joint bank account?
Can I transfer / deposit in foreign currency to my investment account?
Do I have to pay a fee for making deposits or withdrawals?
Is there a limit how much I can deposit or withdraw?
What financial institutions do you accept deposits from?
Can I set up regular deposit / standing instruction?
How long does it take for me to get my money if I make a redemption?
Can my withdrawal be paid into an account other than my registered account?
Can my withdrawal be paid in foreign currency or to my foreign currency account in my Bank?
How do I add and change my banking account?
Can I make multiple withdrawals?
Regular Savings
What is Regular Savings?
What is the difference between Deposit, Regular Savings and Deposit Reminders that is available on MYTHEO?
Is it recommended to register for the Regular Savings Plan?
How do I set up my Regular Savings Plan?
When am I eligible to register for the Regular Savings Plan?
From how many Banks can I deduct funds for my Regular Savings Plan?
What is the minimum and maximum savings limit which I can set to be deducted from my bank account for the Regular Savings Plan?
Will there be any transaction fees for using the Regular Savings Plan?
Why is my email address and mobile number shown on the Regular Savings Plan registration screen and how is it used?
What are the dates that I can choose to have my Regular Savings Plan deduction?
If I set my scheduled savings date on the 28th of every month, when will the money be deducted from my bank account and when will it be invested?
Can my Regular Savings Plan be temporarily suspended until a time where I can reinstate it?
What type of bank account can I use for the Regular Savings Plan?
Will I be notified each time my bank account is deducted for the Regular Savings Plans?
What should I do if I have changed my mobile number?
What do I have to do after I have registered for the Regular Savings Plan?
What would happen if my nominated bank account has insufficient funds during the scheduled savings date?
Can I amend the particulars of my Regular Savings Plan which I have set earlier (e.g. savings amount, scheduled savings date or maximum savings amount) and will I be charged?
Can I terminate my Regular Savings Plan?
Am I able to close my MYTHEO account with a Regular Savings Plan still active?
How can I change my Investment Portfolio?
How do you set it to "Leave it to MYTHEO?"
What is Omakase operation?
Does the Investment Portfolio remain unchanged after starting operation?
In the case of "Leave It to MYTHEO", how is the Investment Portfolio changed?
Multiple Portfolio
What is a Multiple Portfolio?
How can I create a Multiple Portfolio?
In order to see my investment in a particular portfolio, how do I navigate from one portfolio to another?
Am I able to allocate my deposit into each separate portfolio?
How do I withdraw funds from my portfolio?
How do I remove or close a specific portfolio?
Will there be additional charges if I create a new portfolio?
Can we amend an active portfolio?
Portfolio Switching
What is Portfolio Switching?
How do I perform Portfolio Switching?
Can I switch from a single portfolio to multiple portfolio?
What is the minimum portfolio switching amount?
Do I need to maintain a minimum balance in the source portfolio after switching?
Are there any administrative charges for Portfolio Switching?
What is the maximum number of Portfolio Switching that an investor can perform per calendar year?
In which currency do I perform Portfolio Switching?
How long will it take for the funds to switch over from source portfolio to the target portfolio?
Since it takes one to two business days to complete the switching process, prior to its completion, can I cancel it if I change my mind?
Will the exact amount I entered be switched over to the new portfolio?
What happens to the management fees of the source portfolio after the switching process?
What is MYTHEO USD Trust (MUST)?
How do I subscribe to MYTHEO USD Trust (MUST)?
What is the projected rate of return for MYTHEO USD Trust (MUST)?
How often do I get my interest? / profits from MYTHEO USD Trust (MUST)?
Why can't I do a closing / withdrawal from the MYTHEO USD Trust (MUST)?
What are the fees involved in the MYTHEO USD Trust (MUST)?
What are the fees and charges applicable?
How do the securities in my portfolio get taxed?
Do my dividends get taxed?
Where is my money kept?
What happens to my money if MYTHEO gets acquired, goes public, or closes?
What safeguards does MYTHEO have in place to ensure that my assets are protected?
How are all my sensitive data protected?
I was automatically logged out, what happened?
Can I sign in from multiple sites at the same time?
I am required to fill up my personal information upon sign up. Is it safe?
How well is MYTHEO's security?
What will happen to my deposit if MYTHEO's website suffers from a cyber-attack?
Can I get a monthly statement?
What happens upon the death of a MYTHEO account holder?
What are the password setting conditions?
Where can I reset the password?
I am not able to login after changing the password.
What do I do if I forgot my Username?
Where can I edit/update my personal information?


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